This collection highlights unique and unusual cat-themed items. Also included are a number of imported specialty items from Russia. Much of this merchandise is discontinued and in limited supply. If you see something that tickles your fancy, don't delay another day!
$13.99 $9.95

Cat Tail Wiper Decal

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Imported Russian Cat Coin

$7.99 $3.95

Colorful Cat Spoons

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Cat -n- Butterfly Hook Set

$64.99 $55.95

Cat Jazz Band

$89.99 $71.95

Egyptian Cat Wine Rest

$48.99 $39.95

Cat Piggybank

$12.99 $8.95

Cat Tail Wiper Decal

$12.99 $8.95

Cat Tail Wiper Decal

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Cat Lovers Horseshoe

$46.99 $36.95

Horseshoe Cat Hook Set

$61.99 $49.95

3 Fine Felines

$18.99 $14.95

Darling Duo Key Ring Set

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